Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Peace at Poison Yard?


Yesterday night was the most peaceful Poison Yard super fight I went into. Imagine I just pass by them and they are busy farming Sunstone for Feso. Remember that sunstone (special stone to sell for feso) can be found through super fights and premium territories.

So how can I get one? At super fights just kill normal mobs there and also include super fight raid boss. On the other hand, in premium territories, just look for a monster that carries a treasure chest which are usually dull in color but luminous. The other source of Feso inside premium territories are the announced mini boss so make sure you pawn them before other family does.

Well unfortunately pioneers, avoid no mercy factions who does not understand the tagged word "Farming" inside any super fights. I'll keep you posted pioneers and good luck on farming stones for feso!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A furball was born!


I was really happy because another a new member to my family was added awhile. And this is my first pet, a grabber! I named him Dolce with a family name that comes along with me. So it goes like "Dolce Fiksdotter". It was really cute when you see it walks around following, most especially grabbing loots while on training. Having one requires additional task to me, its either I feed it through G-Points or Feso through raids and training at premium territories. We'll see what he can do as time goes by, I hope he can throw stones at pioneers who steals training spot. Just kidding!

I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Welcome to version 2.9

After the server maintenance most of the pioneers are overwhelmed of what happened to Granado Espada. There are things noticeable in this game; from UI tool tip, new RNPC, new NPC, Feso system, and most especially the pet system.

Well there are some questions like where could the pet quest begin? What is Feso? Where is Calyce? There are answers that I can share to you.


For the pet quest go a Pet Expert located outside of Bahia. Talk to him twice to trigger quest. Next he will tell you to snatch an egg. Proceed to first zone of Island of Fire. Look for a stone, take note this is a clickeable stone, then you are brought to hidden mushroom cave. Once you snatch the egg go back to Pet Expert. He will bring you to an instance mission, remember eliminate the cute mother and don't let Pet Expert die. After this go back to Pet Expert, he will bring you to the green house and look for an unhatched egg. Then you are to visit the egg with a total of 3 Days visit, take note this is literal 24 hour increment. Then after that prepare to feed your own pet and in return it will serve you right.

Next is the Feso system. Okay there are questions where to get this currency. Base from RCM Hrin herself, there are loots from; Forgotten Territories, Ancient Territories, and Superfights that drops moonstone and sunstone that can be sold to Feso Market in exchange for Feso.

Okay where is Calyce Bernelli? She can be found inside Pegadilla in the Port of Coimbra. Just do some easy scenario quests and give off 50 mysterious powder. And congratulations! You successfully have her in your family. Oh by the way don't get confused on her story, again she is female not male!

One of the issues right now are some changes in consumables like the 30-day Combat Manual is gone from the list of Premium Items at Leticia. And the most controversial is the Microphone and Mega phones that is now converted as premium item, that can be bought for 150-200 G-Points.

My personal opinion about the microphone and megaphone turning them to premium, IAH is trying to eliminate vis sellers who are 24/7 spamming the broad. Yes there are ways that they could get their asses to promote vis selling but it will somehow ease the broad space. For others this is unfair because this is the only way they could sell their wares. But the point is, yes its kinda hassle to most of the pioneers though we must remember that broad has been a source of scamming, broad hate, and senseless broads. On the other hand, IAH should explain their opinion about this and most especially the 30-day Combat Manual that is now gone at the premium item shop.

So again pioneers I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Discover version 2.9


We will have some new features to discover in this upcoming version and I hope the pioneers will love the features. The version offers; the pet system, new missions, new RNPC costumes, ogre and werewolf series, Calyce Bernelli, Claire, and maybe the feso system. Well these features may be reveal soon the version 2.9 is available to all pioneers of the new found world.

So for download site in regards with version 2.9 please CLICK HERE.

Hope you enjoy the new version fellow pioneers. Again I'll keep you posted. Good luck to your exploration!

Sources: Granado Espada Official Site and RCM Hrin's Blog

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blood Fest for Rembrandt

1st CWRembrandt
(Holders of 1st CW in Rembrandt; All Stars -5, Osiris -4, Destiny -4, Le Conquistador-3,
Templars -2, Symbols -2, Outcasts -1, Resonance -1, and Eminence -1)

It seems the new pioneers of Rembrandt knew their target in this Colony War. And the results are pretty obvious as you look through the territories.

I agree on the idea that in this server merge, the pioneers along with their factions will unite to try and take down their former server tyrants. And I think most of the pioneers love the result of this first Colony Wars for Rembrandt. But the next question is, will this result be consistent or they will try another path to change things up? But do take note - a good alliance is better than good equips because numbers still count.

Well who knows, its for you to decide pioneers so good luck. Congratulations to the first Colony holders of Rembrandt Server.

Friday, October 17, 2008

When Worlds Collide 4

After the previous world migration, it seems the pesky technical problems won't say bye bye yet for another time.

Most pioneers had this "_2 - and so on" after their family name which means they failed to delete same family name from another server. Well unfortunately it also count at faction names. For now the solution for screwed family names is through GE Royal Service Change. As for faction names, they have to file a ticket at the official Granado Espada web site.

One of the problems encountered is the abuse of changing family names which was use for scamming other pioneers to their advantage. In addition, it is so confusing because some pioneers use the service twice which in my case I don't talk too much in my faction because I don't know whose who.

Instances like trade become hard also because there is no stable market price yet. Some tend to overprice others stick to their previous server price. Raid boss is stiff in terms of competition, well Vergo early today is like seconds to kill. Wow Vergo - you are the next remake of Diablo of Pradera Ceniza. Training spots were also difficult to find due to high volume of pioneers.

Well I guess things might get better in days to come. I hope we had another channel for us to train. But the next big thing is the much awaited Colony Wars this 19th.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are you ready for Rembrandt!?

Well as mentioned at the official Granado Espada forums, the world migration will be finished on the 16th at around 18:00 (GMT +8). As you can see the official forums has updated most of the threads with the new server names' Bach and Rembrandt.


As for me, I did some renovation on my blog site so the old Carracci feeling will be gone at least by sight. So I hope you guys appreciate the new modification on my blog site. I want to recognize the efforts made by Casafuego of Templars Faction (from Pachelbel server) by creating this wonderful banner of my favorite line up in Granado Espada. Well pioneers you won't even end your amazement on his great works because he has a deviant site which you can visit here at http://kamoteqt.deviantart.com

Well pioneers of former Carracci and Pachelbel, see you at Rembrandt. And Cheers to the pioneers of Bach server!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My few last memories with Carracci

The server I loved and lived on will be gone forever and before Carracci closes I managed to take a screen shot of the current Colony holders.


Congratulations to All-Stars, Le Conquistador, Destiny, and Eminence to embark the last Colony Wars with their faction names all over the map of Carracci. I hope these factions will show its strength on the first colony wars for Rembrandt server where we all going to migrate.

Well before the end of Carracci I did some things like participating in Gate of Lightning, killing Diablo by myself, and reached cute Viki to 100. Which somehow make my day though am so sick and ill.

(A date with Diablo before server merge)
(Desitiny Faction at Rio Albi, gate of lightning entrance)

There are more memories behind the server name Carracci and I know pioneer you were part of it. Good luck to all pioneers of Carracci, lets embrace Rembrandt and face new challenges as pioneers of the new found world.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It takes two to Tango

Every noon of 12:00 pm the Secret Temple, Poison Yard, and Battle Coliseum opens during this time and it means PK Raid is available for every pioneers of Granado Espada.

Well this PK Raid was quite unusual because when I've entered the Poison Yard I was alone but good thing Jenheart was there for a fair share of raid. Well for further info she was one of the featured girl gamer stated on this article.



I was so impressed because we managed to take down Chimera in 13 minutes and I am thankful there were no other pioneers inside the dreaded PK Raid.

I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Server Merge Postponed

It seems the pioneer's anticipated server merge was been moved to another schedule. It is stated at RCM Hrin's Blog that there are some reasons why they cancelled the October 7th World Migration and I guess the reason is quite alright. Aside from players who are not informed, there are factors in the forums like they had already activated their timed premiums (Lucifer Wings, Forgotten Territory passes, Ancient Territory passes, Combat Manuals, etc.) so as I understood this span of time is enough to inform most of the pioneers out there who don't know the news yet. So for those pioneers out their please refrain from activating long timed premiums especially that lasts for 7-30 days because you might be sorry in the end.

Til again pioneers, I keep you posted.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Granado Espada 3.0 Trailer

I think most of the pioneers are not that informed about the new trailer. After the version 2.6 GE trailer has been praised due to its brief transitions to make the version a sought after. This version 3.0 trailer is totally wicked and make you continue exploring the game. I am proud to say, Granado Espada is a "What you see what you get" game that you could not resist playing. So don't get caught with fancy posters of other MMORPG then playing it pixelated.

Enjoy the teaser update and I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

When Worlds Collide 3


Wow the last days are really approaching, twist and turn folly as the alliances tries to change. It seems the current situation of alliances are more of "Spender vs Principle". Who do you think deserves to be the most powerful in the new two servers? Well lets see who is going to be the "Subordinate and The Manipulator" a vicious cycle that can be determined by choices.

Because am quite happy today, I let Claude wear his Musashi Costume and I guess it was really nice to him. To all pioneers out there, choices what you made in-game determines the fun you might get on the months to come.

I keep you posted pioneers.