Friday, October 17, 2008

When Worlds Collide 4

After the previous world migration, it seems the pesky technical problems won't say bye bye yet for another time.

Most pioneers had this "_2 - and so on" after their family name which means they failed to delete same family name from another server. Well unfortunately it also count at faction names. For now the solution for screwed family names is through GE Royal Service Change. As for faction names, they have to file a ticket at the official Granado Espada web site.

One of the problems encountered is the abuse of changing family names which was use for scamming other pioneers to their advantage. In addition, it is so confusing because some pioneers use the service twice which in my case I don't talk too much in my faction because I don't know whose who.

Instances like trade become hard also because there is no stable market price yet. Some tend to overprice others stick to their previous server price. Raid boss is stiff in terms of competition, well Vergo early today is like seconds to kill. Wow Vergo - you are the next remake of Diablo of Pradera Ceniza. Training spots were also difficult to find due to high volume of pioneers.

Well I guess things might get better in days to come. I hope we had another channel for us to train. But the next big thing is the much awaited Colony Wars this 19th.

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