Monday, October 20, 2008

Blood Fest for Rembrandt

1st CWRembrandt
(Holders of 1st CW in Rembrandt; All Stars -5, Osiris -4, Destiny -4, Le Conquistador-3,
Templars -2, Symbols -2, Outcasts -1, Resonance -1, and Eminence -1)

It seems the new pioneers of Rembrandt knew their target in this Colony War. And the results are pretty obvious as you look through the territories.

I agree on the idea that in this server merge, the pioneers along with their factions will unite to try and take down their former server tyrants. And I think most of the pioneers love the result of this first Colony Wars for Rembrandt. But the next question is, will this result be consistent or they will try another path to change things up? But do take note - a good alliance is better than good equips because numbers still count.

Well who knows, its for you to decide pioneers so good luck. Congratulations to the first Colony holders of Rembrandt Server.

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