Friday, October 24, 2008

Welcome to version 2.9

After the server maintenance most of the pioneers are overwhelmed of what happened to Granado Espada. There are things noticeable in this game; from UI tool tip, new RNPC, new NPC, Feso system, and most especially the pet system.

Well there are some questions like where could the pet quest begin? What is Feso? Where is Calyce? There are answers that I can share to you.


For the pet quest go a Pet Expert located outside of Bahia. Talk to him twice to trigger quest. Next he will tell you to snatch an egg. Proceed to first zone of Island of Fire. Look for a stone, take note this is a clickeable stone, then you are brought to hidden mushroom cave. Once you snatch the egg go back to Pet Expert. He will bring you to an instance mission, remember eliminate the cute mother and don't let Pet Expert die. After this go back to Pet Expert, he will bring you to the green house and look for an unhatched egg. Then you are to visit the egg with a total of 3 Days visit, take note this is literal 24 hour increment. Then after that prepare to feed your own pet and in return it will serve you right.

Next is the Feso system. Okay there are questions where to get this currency. Base from RCM Hrin herself, there are loots from; Forgotten Territories, Ancient Territories, and Superfights that drops moonstone and sunstone that can be sold to Feso Market in exchange for Feso.

Okay where is Calyce Bernelli? She can be found inside Pegadilla in the Port of Coimbra. Just do some easy scenario quests and give off 50 mysterious powder. And congratulations! You successfully have her in your family. Oh by the way don't get confused on her story, again she is female not male!

One of the issues right now are some changes in consumables like the 30-day Combat Manual is gone from the list of Premium Items at Leticia. And the most controversial is the Microphone and Mega phones that is now converted as premium item, that can be bought for 150-200 G-Points.

My personal opinion about the microphone and megaphone turning them to premium, IAH is trying to eliminate vis sellers who are 24/7 spamming the broad. Yes there are ways that they could get their asses to promote vis selling but it will somehow ease the broad space. For others this is unfair because this is the only way they could sell their wares. But the point is, yes its kinda hassle to most of the pioneers though we must remember that broad has been a source of scamming, broad hate, and senseless broads. On the other hand, IAH should explain their opinion about this and most especially the 30-day Combat Manual that is now gone at the premium item shop.

So again pioneers I'll keep you posted!

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