Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Peace at Poison Yard?


Yesterday night was the most peaceful Poison Yard super fight I went into. Imagine I just pass by them and they are busy farming Sunstone for Feso. Remember that sunstone (special stone to sell for feso) can be found through super fights and premium territories.

So how can I get one? At super fights just kill normal mobs there and also include super fight raid boss. On the other hand, in premium territories, just look for a monster that carries a treasure chest which are usually dull in color but luminous. The other source of Feso inside premium territories are the announced mini boss so make sure you pawn them before other family does.

Well unfortunately pioneers, avoid no mercy factions who does not understand the tagged word "Farming" inside any super fights. I'll keep you posted pioneers and good luck on farming stones for feso!

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