Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My few last memories with Carracci

The server I loved and lived on will be gone forever and before Carracci closes I managed to take a screen shot of the current Colony holders.


Congratulations to All-Stars, Le Conquistador, Destiny, and Eminence to embark the last Colony Wars with their faction names all over the map of Carracci. I hope these factions will show its strength on the first colony wars for Rembrandt server where we all going to migrate.

Well before the end of Carracci I did some things like participating in Gate of Lightning, killing Diablo by myself, and reached cute Viki to 100. Which somehow make my day though am so sick and ill.

(A date with Diablo before server merge)
(Desitiny Faction at Rio Albi, gate of lightning entrance)

There are more memories behind the server name Carracci and I know pioneer you were part of it. Good luck to all pioneers of Carracci, lets embrace Rembrandt and face new challenges as pioneers of the new found world.

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