Friday, January 30, 2009

Own Touch

Its been a week and am kinda busy with some real life appointments though I manage some things in particular. Yesterday was the first time I've created a 30sec ad for Granado Espada and it was really odd for me too bad am only used in writing and creating thoughts. Well shamelessly I did it, not expecting for any win at least it was an accomplishment for me. This are the entries under forum name; Duchesneau and Grabaiso for the "Scene and Heard Open Category" Fantazzztic Ad Awards.

(Entry Antibot Advocacy under Duchesneau forum account)

(Entry LeNoir Fashion under Grabaiso forum account)

Well because am not of the technicals, I adjusted my concept that fits within my creating movie skill. The thing was I still stick the execution on my concept map and as much as possible the relativity on my execution which does not sacrifice my ideas. Well for now am getting hang of it improving the execution part of creating 30sec Ad. I'll try to post my poster Ad if there is any possibility that IAH will further continue of including poster Ad for the competition. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Narcapade!

I woke up today and I was on the verge of training my Selva to Veteran when suddenly someone caught my attention at the City of Auch.

(xBayushi's Nar with my Selva with GeneiRyodan Family pictorial)

Yes~ your eyes don't fool you of whatsoever! Nar the warrior of Zeia is available for recruitment and I can't wait to have one. For now am figuring things out how can I finish the quest more faster because the monsters within the region of Zeia are 62 AR/DR which is quite hard in my case. But what I can see is that most of the monsters in Zeia are wild beasts so its advisable to have Musketeers with wild beast option on your pistols for faster killing. Well I do hope Nar will be on my barracks but for now I should properly prepare myself. Thanks to my friend xBayushi for letting me take shot of his Nar. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

For Quest Details: Iguion Blog Guide

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Exploration and the Band of Four

Yesterday was one the greatest day for me at Granado Espada. Imagine after I successfully updated the client around 11:45 then after some time around 12:25 the Zeia was opened through efforts of our current Chancellor Mahoney of Le Conquistador.

I rushed inside the Reboldeoux Culverts and engage to the door that will open for Zeia. But I have to do some quests for Emilia Gulliano who is located in the Port of Coimbra. Then After killing some monsters in Culverts that is required for her quest I move back to her. Then She instructs me to have a conversation with Brunie. I talked to the NPC Brunie and she handed over to me the key to the gate inside Culverts that has the route to Zeia. And voila, Zeia embraced me with astonished welcome to the new civilization.

(Welcome to Erach the new civilization of the new found world)

(Twilight time in the region of Zeia)

After exploring the Zeia region I proceed on doing my Selva quest. I begin my Chaos Requiem quest and as time goes by, I realized that am already doing the Selva quest proper. Around 21:15 I camped at Corridor of Assize at Gehenna bridge. Then I've met DivineSaint, Devolton, and Oldguys. We managed to take down Dr. Fran Morthein effortlessly and gave us a death count of one making the current quest complete. I left the squad and I do some other quest related to Selva's quest. Around 22:10 I moved to Katovic Snowfield to continue the quest. In this part am close of getting Selva and am about to hunt for the Avalanche Apparition. When I move to Snow Plain again I've seen DivinSaint, Devolton, and Oldguys camping for Avalanche so they squad me up instantly. Then we managed to take down the Apparition and Montoro at the same time. We were happy because the four of us finished the quest.

(At last my own Selva, another accomplishment for my family)

Now I have my own Selva at my barracks, but too bad I don't have Eduard Jameson the love triangle will be completed. Well I think Kurt, Gavin, and Selva would be a great team up don't you think? So til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome to New Civilization

Yesterday the new civilization Zeia has revealed itself to the pioneers of the new found world. For now the updates are visible through their official website.

(Upon browsing in the official site, this magnificent page will prompt you)

(The new Zeia inspired layout for the official SEAGE website)

And the sought after update is when Selva can be included in your barracks so be prepared to get her. But make sure you have the necessary quest to gain access of getting this lovely RNPC. The only thing that most pioneers are held up of not accessing the server is the problem of getting their client updated maybe due to high traffic. So see you around pioneers and I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Original Source: Official News Article SEAGE

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Attention at Maximum!

I can still remember last year's competition the Fantazzztic Film Awards and now we here comes another one. This year IAH organized another competition and is called the Fantazzztic Ad Awards. Before anything else lets define advertising shall we?

Based on wikipedia they define "Advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase and to consume more of a particular brand of product or service"

Well unlike last year Fantazzztic Film Awards is more of artistry in short film making and this season the competition focuses on Advertisment which is more challenging because now a days media ads is one of the power form of advertisment. Media advertisment requires powerful and precise information about a product and it all depends to execution.

(Memorable screenshot over site when we release the first FFA entry that has voice over and won that scene and heard week in the history for sGE)

Most of my friends in Granado Espada is now asking if Team LeBlanc will go for it. For now its a hanging question for our team. I know there are more advesary in this competition but just in case, we are up for the challenge and we will compete for artistry in higher level. Til again, I'll keep you posted pioneers!

For more information about the competition click HERE!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

When a weirdo pass by

Bot on most on-line games are rampant and in addition bot are third party programs that manipulate your avatar to grind levels for you instead. There are pros and cons about using third party programs but it is quite long to discuss. One of the features of Granado Espada is reporting other pioneers as a bot. Most pioneers use this feature when they suspect a players is using third party program and most cases are their spot was occupied by third party program users. But in this entry it is quite odd, so ready carefully.



That was one weird pioneer, asking me to report him then he was sent to jail due to disconnection. I know what is running through his mind but unfortunately his plan is epic fail.

So again I keep you posted pioneers.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back in Action!

(Product of boredom during yesterday's lag fest)

After days of lag and intermittent disconnection issues, IAH's technical team redeemed themselves today. When they resume their connection, the lag spikes in the server are gone. But for now, the issue is the lost of G-Points in their premium item inventory. For now IAH is in the process of resolving the issue and least the pioneers will enjoy tomorrow's colony wars. Then again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday I hate how things go. First I consider mine as "isolated case" but the idea is not all players can throw Ancient Territory passes everyday because of this abrupt maintenance. If I'm not mistaken, the original announcement was like one hour server reset due to blah blah. Well case is closed because they've done it already and what can players ask? Nothing at all.

One of the things that caught my attention are the community crews in the official forum thread. Isn't that annoying after some replies from the community crew, they actually reply to the thread, and at the end the captain will suddenly close the thread. Okay everything has its explanation but I do hope they consider assigning people for moderation and whatsoever because they are too many.

And today around 16:44, we are in the middle of King of Greed raid when suddenly we cannot access server. Oh well at least the resumed it after 5 mins, Then after that I could not warp to other maps. Well its up for our technical people at IAH to work on things. As for you pioneers avoid 1 day activated premium items due to this sudden disconnection.

Til again, I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Things that made the New Year Right

wings wings!

Well I admit New Year hang over is quite messy when embracing the new year. And as for Rembrandt there are cool things to be known. First stop, the official announcement of the new community crew who resides from Rembrandt server. Next is the execution of Novia wherein the allied faction Eminence and Symbols Faction impressively defeated the nemesis of the Ice Wizard's Tower. Blood donation drive also took place in Singapore and help lives through this glorious act but the pioneers also have something in hand, GE goodies! Another thing is, the GM's made their first in-game event called Trivial Question and Answer wherein the pioneers will respond to questions using microphones to broad their answer. And for those pioneers craving for item of the month, IAH made an extension til 30th of January. And congratulations to Destiny Faction for making the first sunday of January, because they hold the highest colony point after an exhausting war. Lastly, the hidden civilization of Zeia is on its way to the new found world so are you ready for this?

We have a good new start this 2009 and I hope things will be better as time goes by. So again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Farewell to 2008!

I can't believe that another year ended and am thankful that most of the things in-game progressed but some things were not. Base on my collective conversation with players through messenger and through in-game, there are popular events that most pioneers could not forget.

January - In this month the Fantazzztic Film Awards competition continues, Project Hostile Takeover event, Valentines Day Event, and E-Card Challenge took place this first month of 2008.

February - The Fantazzztic Film Awards competition continues as they trimmed down the most deserving entries for next March's final showdown. Events like; Love Me, Date with a GM, Fortune Master's Bok-Jo-Ris, and year of Ararat put the pioneers into quests and some exposure through the regions of Bahamas.

March - This month formaly introduced Girl Gamers of the new found world through the official web site that was originally organized at the Philippines to give support to our girl gamers. In addition the Fantazzztic Film Awards ended and determined the champions and all entries hailed from the players themselves in the Philippines.

April - Real life event like the E-Games domination overwhelmed the pioneers of the Philippines. Thanks to RCM Hrin by visiting the pioneers of the Philippine community. Other in-game events like Colony Wars: The Reckoning, Return of the Dark Lord, April Fools, Garage Sale, and Town invation keep the pioneers busy for this month.

May - The community celebrates with Australia and New Zealand and premium item promotions was released by this month.

June - Version 2.6 was further introduced specially in the real life events in the Philippines along with Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia with respective events. In addition the new found world celebrates the independence day of the Philippines and Singapore hosts the Carnival Draw event.

July - RNPC event by Vicente Rio himself amassed the pioneers through winning his in-game costume if you reach veteran level cap for Rio. The event like Friday Knights kept the pioneer's pvp skill to the challenge. Real life events in Malaysia was included this month through PvP Challenge and Live GE KAC electronic sport event.

August - The community captains and GM in-game made some visits in each server to organize in-game events. The result of community screen competition was also released this month.In addition another real life event in Cebu, Philippines was included in the list of events.

September - Back to back PvP hosted at Singapore and the Philippines kept the pioneer's pvp skill intact.

October - The worlds tremble when the servers Cervantez, Carracci, Caravaggio, Pachelbel, and Vivaldi was officially merged. PK servers became Bach and Non-PK servers became Rembrandt. The Philippine GE community celebrates their 1st anniversary through a Black Party.

November - A month long colony wars started, stating that distinguished colony has a corresponding price when occupied by a faction. GM event Pet Day was also took place along with Route A La Domination. RNPC Claire and Calyce was also introduced to the new found world and don't forget the good news for the Filipino pioneers who long for higher conversion of G-Points to E-Points.

December - Christmas events like Naughty and Nice event and Show your love kept the pioneers busy to express their Christmas greetings through creative works of art. IAH also announced a PH community outing organized by the players itself. Not to mention the introduction to Zeian was started so the pioneers of the new world will sought after this amazing expansion this January.

The year was tough and full of laughters. But in the end of the day we still share the community and the game we've enjoyed for almost two years. Til again, Happy new year to the pioneers of the new found world!