Monday, January 5, 2009

Things that made the New Year Right

wings wings!

Well I admit New Year hang over is quite messy when embracing the new year. And as for Rembrandt there are cool things to be known. First stop, the official announcement of the new community crew who resides from Rembrandt server. Next is the execution of Novia wherein the allied faction Eminence and Symbols Faction impressively defeated the nemesis of the Ice Wizard's Tower. Blood donation drive also took place in Singapore and help lives through this glorious act but the pioneers also have something in hand, GE goodies! Another thing is, the GM's made their first in-game event called Trivial Question and Answer wherein the pioneers will respond to questions using microphones to broad their answer. And for those pioneers craving for item of the month, IAH made an extension til 30th of January. And congratulations to Destiny Faction for making the first sunday of January, because they hold the highest colony point after an exhausting war. Lastly, the hidden civilization of Zeia is on its way to the new found world so are you ready for this?

We have a good new start this 2009 and I hope things will be better as time goes by. So again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

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