Thursday, January 15, 2009

When a weirdo pass by

Bot on most on-line games are rampant and in addition bot are third party programs that manipulate your avatar to grind levels for you instead. There are pros and cons about using third party programs but it is quite long to discuss. One of the features of Granado Espada is reporting other pioneers as a bot. Most pioneers use this feature when they suspect a players is using third party program and most cases are their spot was occupied by third party program users. But in this entry it is quite odd, so ready carefully.



That was one weird pioneer, asking me to report him then he was sent to jail due to disconnection. I know what is running through his mind but unfortunately his plan is epic fail.

So again I keep you posted pioneers.

1 comment:

Ashardalon said...

Maybe he was trying to test if logging off will result in a penalty? It will suck if you get d/c while getting reported.