Friday, January 30, 2009

Own Touch

Its been a week and am kinda busy with some real life appointments though I manage some things in particular. Yesterday was the first time I've created a 30sec ad for Granado Espada and it was really odd for me too bad am only used in writing and creating thoughts. Well shamelessly I did it, not expecting for any win at least it was an accomplishment for me. This are the entries under forum name; Duchesneau and Grabaiso for the "Scene and Heard Open Category" Fantazzztic Ad Awards.

(Entry Antibot Advocacy under Duchesneau forum account)

(Entry LeNoir Fashion under Grabaiso forum account)

Well because am not of the technicals, I adjusted my concept that fits within my creating movie skill. The thing was I still stick the execution on my concept map and as much as possible the relativity on my execution which does not sacrifice my ideas. Well for now am getting hang of it improving the execution part of creating 30sec Ad. I'll try to post my poster Ad if there is any possibility that IAH will further continue of including poster Ad for the competition. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

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