Saturday, January 24, 2009

Exploration and the Band of Four

Yesterday was one the greatest day for me at Granado Espada. Imagine after I successfully updated the client around 11:45 then after some time around 12:25 the Zeia was opened through efforts of our current Chancellor Mahoney of Le Conquistador.

I rushed inside the Reboldeoux Culverts and engage to the door that will open for Zeia. But I have to do some quests for Emilia Gulliano who is located in the Port of Coimbra. Then After killing some monsters in Culverts that is required for her quest I move back to her. Then She instructs me to have a conversation with Brunie. I talked to the NPC Brunie and she handed over to me the key to the gate inside Culverts that has the route to Zeia. And voila, Zeia embraced me with astonished welcome to the new civilization.

(Welcome to Erach the new civilization of the new found world)

(Twilight time in the region of Zeia)

After exploring the Zeia region I proceed on doing my Selva quest. I begin my Chaos Requiem quest and as time goes by, I realized that am already doing the Selva quest proper. Around 21:15 I camped at Corridor of Assize at Gehenna bridge. Then I've met DivineSaint, Devolton, and Oldguys. We managed to take down Dr. Fran Morthein effortlessly and gave us a death count of one making the current quest complete. I left the squad and I do some other quest related to Selva's quest. Around 22:10 I moved to Katovic Snowfield to continue the quest. In this part am close of getting Selva and am about to hunt for the Avalanche Apparition. When I move to Snow Plain again I've seen DivinSaint, Devolton, and Oldguys camping for Avalanche so they squad me up instantly. Then we managed to take down the Apparition and Montoro at the same time. We were happy because the four of us finished the quest.

(At last my own Selva, another accomplishment for my family)

Now I have my own Selva at my barracks, but too bad I don't have Eduard Jameson the love triangle will be completed. Well I think Kurt, Gavin, and Selva would be a great team up don't you think? So til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

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