Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Narcapade!

I woke up today and I was on the verge of training my Selva to Veteran when suddenly someone caught my attention at the City of Auch.

(xBayushi's Nar with my Selva with GeneiRyodan Family pictorial)

Yes~ your eyes don't fool you of whatsoever! Nar the warrior of Zeia is available for recruitment and I can't wait to have one. For now am figuring things out how can I finish the quest more faster because the monsters within the region of Zeia are 62 AR/DR which is quite hard in my case. But what I can see is that most of the monsters in Zeia are wild beasts so its advisable to have Musketeers with wild beast option on your pistols for faster killing. Well I do hope Nar will be on my barracks but for now I should properly prepare myself. Thanks to my friend xBayushi for letting me take shot of his Nar. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

For Quest Details: Iguion Blog Guide

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