Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marshland Resident

For those who are fond of staying at the Bahama Marshland I think you should know whose the resident in this joint. Well if ever you are at AFK mode he might punish your family badly.


I introduce to you Swamp Merman Eater, actually the first time I had an encounter with him he reminds me of a fish that we call in the Philippines "Tilapia" or "St. Peter's Fish" which is my favorite fish to eat. But I don't like the feel of seeing him because he has Dino-leg and scaled long neck gives me the creeps of not eating my favorite fish. If you check on his stats he is quite a monster to take down with 57AR/DR. So if you are not an expert or not in a squad to take this down he'll make you cry.

Oh reminders pioneers we have this after maintenance:

21 August 2008: "Battlesmith Week"
Release of Veteran Stances:
Mighty Cruz [Combat Stance] Polearm
Low-Guard [Combat Stance] Sabre
Raid Assault [Combat Stance] Two handed dagger
Idge the Battlesmith' Idge the Battlesmith RNPC Card

For all the pioneers have a pleasant day and I hope you will like whats in store for you today. I think its time for me to play console games when Granado Espada is not up yet.

Patch Update Source: RCM Hrin

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