Monday, May 25, 2009

Hacking spree!

Last night I was suppose to attend the 23:00 Team Arena session. But when my brother checked the faction window he saw his account Artaxerxes logged in. We suddenly tried to log in the account because we are wondering who is using it. Then when we logged in, it seems that the one using my brother's account is currently under negotiation with EldeonRose who is our friend in real life. Then I suddenly sent a message at EldeonRose's Yahoo Messenger and asked him who is the person controlling the Artaxerxes account. He told me a forum name nasher is selling the characters in the official forums of Granado Espada and claims in their in-game chat that the account was sold.

Personally I show my anger thru post in his thread and there is no way of getting back what is lost. Because the nasher in the forums already sold Selva, Expert Elementalist, and Expert Musketeer from the Artaxerxes account. For now my brother is not thinking of reporting this because the account is considered lost because the hacker can access the forums and he can send a ticket also if he wants to. Just like the previous case of Shadowstein account that I myself saw the reply of IAH that the hacker is now accusing me of black mail? Really this is a serious matter and IAH should take action on this. And for the record the people who just lost their account under their control are close to me and I knew them personally!

Right now we are doing some measures to prevent further abuse of this hacker. My brother indeed quit the game and one of our characteristic is not to sell what we have played. So this nasher who claims that the account was sold~ it is not true. My suggestion to IAH is to track down all its transaction because such acts is way too insane. Then I hope they expose the main account responsible for this. So does it mean that everyone is not safe anymore?

Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

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Bernardo said...

langya hackers galore na ang nangyayare dyan ah. dami na kalokohan haha. well, goodluck to sGE, good thing i left the game early.