Thursday, December 11, 2008

GE Christmas tidbits

December is one of the much awaited month to most pioneers of the new found world. And this month there are things to be noted and I hope you participate on it.


Now you can have this two Christmas items from Leonardo Expresso himself; the Santa hat and Rudolph hat that can be wear by stock characters. Thanks from team GE for sharing this wonderful Christmas hats!

The next one was the forum event called "Show your Love" wherein you can send your wishes through a form of poem, song, blog entry, video, or anyway you like it special. And not only that, the top winner will have a chance to extend the warmth of Christmas through World Vision by choosing a child to be adopted by GE team and support the child by sponsorship. For more information about this, you can visit here.

Well pioneers hope you will enjoy the month of December, so again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Article Source: Granado Espada Official Website

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