Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Real Life Event: GE PH outing

Yesterday I was sluggish but it turns out to be good and I admit it was a surprise for me. The outing yesterday was suppose to be a Bloggers meeting but RCM Hrin suggests that to put it in the official web site and declare it as a GE PH community outing. And in the other hand CM Aethrin supported us by sending out goodies for the pioneers who will attend.

(Gathering inside Red Box, where brainstorming took place)

We've talked about a lot of things like organizing GE Cosplayers, concerns about in-game, suggestion to strengthen the community, the much awaited version 3.0, and many more. Each conversation was meaningful because this is the first time that from two worlds, Bach and Rembrandt, these guys shares everything under the sun specially the laughs behind their respective servers.

(The pioneers from Bach server)

(The pioneers from Rembrandt server)

(The girl gamers of the new found world)

(Obviously the boys of the new found world hahaha!)

(The dinner that ends our great day)

We ended the day with a dinner and some walk around the mall. Everything was great and I can't ask for anything more. Well we are expecting more gatherings like this and I hope it will continue.

In behalf of the Philippine Community we would like to thank; RCM Hrin, CM Aethrin, IAH games, and E-Games by showing support and importance to this community. So again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Image Source: Ninemoons

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