Monday, December 15, 2008

Colony War? Duh think again!

Am not posting just to report yesterday's colony wars but instead am here to rant about this slime tactic. And besides am seething with annoyance with this dirty use of spinelles on the so called colony wars!

(Hell to the yeah at Bona Vista River, eight legged freaks)

This is the first 15 mins before the war at Bona Vista river and Pradera Ceniza, the opposing faction already stormed the respective colonies with numerous spinelles. Actually, the alliance where my faction stood aim for spin-less colony wars but what would you expect the opposing alliance is use to find ways of dirty tactic. I don't know, if this opposing alliance is really used to be the bad guys in Rembrandt and there is no new to that. So in the end we let them eat their own spinelle tactic, but unfortunately the opposing alliance bagged many colonies because we are caught unaware.

I don't care of what they might say because this entry of mine is a rant! I really do hope IAH or IMC might consider 1:1 summon of spinelles or might consider removing it completely to avoid abuse.

I'll keep you posted pioneers and as I say if ever spinelles are still available in weeks to come, you might change your mind not to go colony wars.


Colbourn Family said...

when i read things like this, sometimes, it makes me happy that im not playing the game anymore.

Grace Mulann said...

Epic screenshot!

DeSanggria said...

that's a good SS you got there.