Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Expert Smited Exp Rate

Hello Granado Espada Community of sGE! It was really a long time since my last post. I couldn't manage to update my blog due to some updates in my personal life. But now am back I have something to share with you all.

Lately, when I got back in the game, there are things I've observed about the latest patch 2.6.4 Requiem. Less expecting much of the updates thus there is one thing that caught my attention and that is the flow of experience rate from Veteran status to Expert Status. I consider myself as a resident of the Bahamas Marsh and Swamp of Darkness because there are chances that you might get .0002-.0003 experience points in most kills. But presently there is only .0001 experience point in regardless of monster level. I don't know, is the experience rate nerfed or something? Well I guess IAH and the developers might give as an answer about this. But for now, I advise the players to move at maps that they can easily kill mobs such as Albertal, Skullic Dungeon, and Via Fluvial. This is for the purpose of less costs in pots and other consumables but acquiring same experience points from higher level maps. For now lets wait what will happen. Good day again pioneers!

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