Saturday, October 27, 2007

Granado Espada at San Miguel Octoberfest!


October is here again and for most Filipinos this month is much awaited because San Miguel Corporation has this yearly event called the San Miguel Beer Octoberfest throughout the country. But we know this is event was strictly for adults only, thus it doesn't mean that gaming is not included on the list. Granado Espada was visible and we say they are! Upon registration you can avail stubs that are worth 100 Php. But because there are GE players who want to join this event, you can buy the stub for only 50 Php if you can show them scratched or unscratched game cards.




Then that's not it, you can also play your favorite Granado Espada game at Gamefrog i-Café absolutely for free!



(Ninemoons, Me, CM Veya, Welling, DeSanggria, and Contessa)


(Guess who is from Brotherhood faction and VietnamElite faction!)

I have personally met some players including the members of VietnamElite faction of Vivaldi server, BROTHERHOOD faction of Carracci, and even other Granado Espada players. And by the way, thanks guys for the tip and game styles in Granado Espada.


After the hours of talk and free gaming we head onto the other side of Metrowalk for the main event were we could listen through popular bands, more talk, and beer.


The event was really nice and personally I also enjoyed it because am not just there for the game but meeting other players as well.


And for me this is my doom it's late already I have GE bloggers meeting tomorrow!


See yah!

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