Monday, October 26, 2009

Colony War 3.5: How was it?

After a long time that I've witnessed how the Colony Wars go and now a new system was introduced in this current patch and the mechanics was far more different than the conventional one. The first Colony Wars was like go to the map that has a colony and then break til it's HP reach to zero and accompanied by you can warp between occupied colonies through colony manager. The second change for Colony Wars was they remove the warp between occupied colonies which members of a faction should maximize the usage of save warps.




So what's new in this Colony War? Granado Espada version 3.5 features the new colony war system by putting up a special arena to occupy a colony. Well its far different from the old one but all I can say is it was really time consuming. But in the brighter side, that tedious time occupying a colony gives other faction a chance to occupy another territory. Unfortunately in my case, I was with a faction versus the server so occupying a colony was rough for us.

Well to sum up all of this, its more of head to head battle inside a colony arena. But if you have numerous declarations over your faction slate, those factions who declared your faction can enter the colony arena. And to occupy a colony, you have to break at least 3 colonies inside the Colony War Arena. They say the new system is boring because you run and break but I don't agree with it because alliances still creates horrendous effects on Colony Wars. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

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