Saturday, October 24, 2009

When the wasps starts biting

After a month of being inactive and resolving issues about in-game now I've returned to update this blog and continue what I have started.

First and foremost I will take this opportunity to defend myself along with the people who stood for me. I know I shouldn't be doing this, but a breather was needed in my case and I should list down things further on.


1. Players prejudiced me because I stopped updating my blog because I don't get something in return.

ans. I start blogging this wonderful game without expecting of getting anything. Popularity is not what I ask for, I expect readers and new players to be educated in my own special way by sharing my experiences whether it is in-game or community real life gatherings. As simple as that. Whats the use of titles given to me if ever- thus I cannot perform well.

2. Former Takhisis members accuses me with the issue of stealing the faction vault etc. then because of this I move to a known faction in my server.

ans. Before this people accused me of stealing, the core members has initiated the idea of gathering necessary items to fortify its core as suggested. It was approved and accompanied by YOU HAVE TO WORK ON IT so that you can get items from the faction. The accusation arise when hacking cases starts to smother Takhisis Faction, some players tag it as a hacking faction. It hurts me a lot because of such accusation but I ignored it due to the fact that these players has no evidence in the first place. But in a personal note - items are earned through hard work and not making gossips just to justify your qualification as legitimate owner of such items. Currently, the items are with the remaining Takhisis members and they are all managing it without my supervision.

3. They say I've become inactive due to conflicts within the community of gamers.

ans. I deny the statement that I become inactive due to conflict. If there is any, it should deal personally and not in-game. One of the most difficult thing about this part is when people tend to hear things and never bother asking me - just in case you are civilized enough to ask me. During a month of being inactive, I took the advantage of dealing with my personal life and I know everybody does if they have the opportunity. So to break your curiosity I've done several volunteer works for an institution and teaching kids for theatrical plays which kept me busy. And I have to admit I love this part of my life. That is why the state in number 3 is simply false.

For those players who doesn't believe me its all up to you. But I really thanked those players who still believed in me and sending messages in my YM handler because it kept me well spirited as ever. For now my aim is to continue what I have started in regardless of the issues thrown to me. But I don't take it personally because at the end of the day I'm just your ordinary blogger and its just a game.

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Bernardo said...

josh, iba na ang environment ngayon. Early GE days is not the same as the GE now. Though GE is evolving, some people simply stays the same. I.E. "lame" and "selfish". Conspiracy will never ever leave online games. My advice, well i know this is selfish but isn't it time to retire from GE? i mean how long has it been? this coming december it'll be a year since i left GE and i never regret it. i was able to research more and have more time for myself. i even upgraded my computer again to meet my needs in PC gaming. well again it is up to you.