Sunday, June 14, 2009

Toy Invasion!

When I was younger, which am not going to tell when was that, I used to have action figures. And these action figures are rewards that my Mom bought for me every time I won awards at my school. Well it was a great joy for me every time I get one and it is rewarding.


(May the force be with me?)

Last June 13 2009, I and some of my faction mates went to this wonderful event and was called Toy Convention that was held for 8 years now. The event showcases a variety collection from action figures and other hobbies. And because Granado Espada is technically a hobby, they also join this event along with other E-Games MMORPG.

(Expensive models)

(Life size models)

(Comic alley)

(Cosplayers at large)

I enjoyed my stay there and it fed my eyes well because of the wonderful display of different toys and Cosplayers. It was one of my overwhelming experiences and though the scare of H1N1 flu is out there - the avid fans is there to support this event. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

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