Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marching to Masquerade: Day 2

(Thanks for the Cake)

Before anything else I want to thank all the players and friends who greeted me in my birthday today. And of course am not going to tell how old I am now because its a secret. Haha! Anyway the march to Masquerade continues as another news sprung up from the official news article of the official site.


Ania the warrior from Zeia will be available also in the Masquerade patch. So it means we have the advantage of getting two new RNPCs after the server maintenance. By the way if you already figured out the answer for Hellena's Tarot Cards web event save your answer and sms it on June 18, 2009. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Image Source: sGE Gallery
News Source: Official SEA Granado Espada News Archive


paulvr173cm said...

Happy birthday

Fiksdotter said...

Thanks for the greeting.