Saturday, June 20, 2009

Masquerade! Lights! Camera! Action!

After the server was up, I was held up in-game because of exploring some new features of the game. And part of that was getting familiar with instanced raids and of course getting my own Hellena and Ania for my family.

(Welcome Hellena and Ania to Fiksdotter Family!)

I find the quest easy to access though in mission its kinda off because the stats of the lords inside Chateau Raid was insanely tough. Adverse to it, the lords in the Hellena quest was different because they have 59 AR/DR so it is more easier to take down. Fortunately I surpass the quest with ease. Thanks to Hrin potion, Triumph Fillers, Soul Crystals and Lucifer Wings I made it thru. That only thing that will satisfy my taste on this patch is when I manage to get my own Trump weapon and I guess its enough for me.

Oh by the way Ferrucio Espada was rumored to be alived! Want to know more about the story line? Finish the Arsene and Ania Recruitment quest to know this juicy information. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

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