Friday, April 24, 2009

Suggestion: Costume over items

I've been reading the official forums of SEA Granado Espada and there are some topics that really caught my attention and I think it makes sense. Granado Espada has vibrant back costumes lately though it has no special stats unlike the well used premium back wings Lucifer and Devil that gives you additional stats. Here are their suggestions from the official forums of SEA Granado Espada.

"Is it possible to have weapon costume?..." by Grid

"Would it be possible to have permanent costume slot..." by ringofchaos

For now I am with the idea of putting additional equipment slot for back costume. But if I think about the IAH's side, they might say not most of the players are not using the premium back item Lucifer and Devil wings so there is no point of putting another slot for costume over an item. Well if this suggestion work it'll be nice to see pioneers enjoying their back costumes along with their premium wings. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Original Source: GE Forum: Weapon Costume Topic and Slot for Permanent Back Costume Topic

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