Monday, April 13, 2009

Defence of the Zeia

new-dota-loadscreen dotzposter
(DOTA's wallpaper and DOTZ feature poster for this expansion)

The new patch of SEA Granado Espada has new features for this expansion. And one of the highlight in this patch are the in-game event most specially the popular ice breaker "DOTZ" also known as "Defence of the Zeia". You read it right, in relation to the popular strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment - Frozen Throne's "Defence of the Ancient". They have the same plot of game play and that is defending your base and taking down the enemy's.

I've played the event for the second time and somehow I already get used to it. DOTZ is pretty different because instead of buying equipments to improve your character, you get personal buff improvements and debuff against opponents. The game play was easy right? But think again.

(Let the game of DOTZ begin!)

In DOTA you might able to survive the 1st tower because it hits only one target. But in DOTZ, the tower throws chain lightning so its really hard for a start. Another is to earn gold in DOTZ and you have to pick it up. So if you are not that greedy enough, you know how to wait when to pick up because some players wait their opponent to loot then they kill. Nice strategy right? About the concept of killing other players for gold is different also. Because if a player got killed by another playing while holding gold coins in their inventory well it will drop on the floor. So the gold that drop is free to all so anyone could get it. To avoid it, better be killed by a pushing mob rather to be killed by a player to save your earned gold.

(Pushing at the last tower of opponent's)

(If you enter the base, announcement of breach is made)

(Rewards after defeating the opponents)

When your team successfully finished the whole game. You will be teleported somewhere in your base and group of treasure boxes will be summoned to earn prizes. Remember that treasure boxes are meant for each member and you cannot get more than what you can open. Well I hope that you guys try other events in this new expansion and most of all enjoy it. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

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