Thursday, April 23, 2009

Server maintenance, boring? I guess not!

Today is another server maintenance and I know most of the pioneers are so stoned every time such day occur. To lighten things up IAH Team has something for the pioneers that might get their attention while the servers are down.

(The image that will give you ABS if you spot the difference!)

Yup it is a spot a difference which they called in the official news as "[Website Event] GE Screenies Hunt". If you have the idea of playing the game I think you know how this one works. For those who are new about this, simply glance the original and from the changed image draw a red circle to identify the changes. Simple right? Hope the pioneers will get busy on this one and find the changes fast because the IAH team will only grant ABS searches to the first 100 pioneers who can make it to the tier. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers and enjoy!

In-depth news about the event: Granado Espada News

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