Monday, April 6, 2009

E-Games Domination 3: Short Time, Big Time!

In the dry afternoon of April 4, the small band of players from Takhisis Faction took the road to E-Games Domination III and we arrived with high expectation. And our expectations are met! Lets see why I said so.

(The line toward the event venue extending to another huge hall)

In our arrival at the venue, we are surprised because the players who attend the event was more massive than last year. The line of people that leads to the entrance was long so they need to separate it to three lines and occupy a lot of space to accommodate more incoming people. Then after an hour we finally made it inside and the lights inside the hall made our tired body loosen up a bit. Then we approached the Granado Espada booth, familiar faces with new players embraced my sight and the feeling was good.

(Walk in the Red Carpet?)

(The E-Games Domination Hall)

After a while I finally met the champion who secure his video for Pattaya and its non other than a fellow Filipino pioneer - exebolt! We manage to talk for some time, too bad I came late for the event so my time is too short for a talk.

(Me and exebolt at the event)

Then one of the cool things to do in this event is taking pictures around with the Cosplayers who gives spice to the ambiance of the event. We are crazy enough to loiter around and take photos and that made our stay worthwhile.

(Elementalist in La Ventisca costume)
(I hope Dr. Torsche won't look after his Helena)

(Cool right, well they are really cool!)

(Takhisis Faction with Chuckie on Granado Espada stage!)

(It is us again, with CM Aethrin at far right next to me)

After chasing around people and visiting various gaming booth, our stay was payed off when our faction was awarded through faction banner for second place. The first winner are from the faction of Pinoy All Stars of Rembrandt server. Thanks for the Cosplayer who cosplayed Chuckie the Granado Espada stage brightened up when he went up there and start entertaining us.

The Granado Espada activity was over and our small band decided to go outside and eat then off we go to our humble abode. But it was amazing to meet another old friend and mother to us during the first year of Granado Espada for the Philippine community.

(Our former CM Veya at the middle, thanks for the picture!)

It was our former Community Manager Veya! Currently she is working with another MMORPG handled by E-Games. I really miss those day that she manage to visit various area within the metro just to attend faction eye ball for Granado Espada. And I know she still do it in a more casual way by treating them as friends. To our former CM Veya thanks a lot!

I would like to take opportunity to thank the people behind this wonderful event. From the community managers, game masters, sponsors, cosplayers, and players who gave their time to make the event successful through participation. I hope next year more activities will be provided to numerous attendees and more players will be encouraged to join this great annual event of E-Games. To all the pioneers of the new found world, I congratulate you for showing your support to the Philippine community. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!