Tuesday, April 14, 2009

About the Event Tab

Many pioneers of the new found world is still asking how to use the event tab. I do hope that this small info will help you use the new feature with ease.

Unlike before certain in-game event such as; Battle Coliseum, Poison Yard and Secret Temple, you have to move to your barracks and warp to the nearest City for easy access on such events. Or another way is having a warp near the officer of these events. But now it is far different and it made things a lot easier.


As you see, when an event triggers all you have to do is press Alt + A to open the quest window. [1] Then you will see an Event Tab. By clicking it, you will see available events that are currently active in the given time. By checking the list on the tab you will see the levels of each instances and the location of the event where you suppose to warp. So if you are anticipating such event and you are in a different map just check the bottom left of the tab and click move. [2]By clicking the move button, a warp will open that leads to the selected event mission. In this example its the Poison Yard.

So pioneers, its easier to participate events right? Next time every event will be visited with ease and less worry of running back to towns close to the event's portal. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

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