Friday, April 24, 2009

Operation "N"


After some week of intriguing advertisement at the official web site of SEA Granado Espada, the quoted Operation "N" has been revealed and it seems that most of the pioneers loved it.


Operation "N" gives reward to those pioneers who made it to the tier of level 20 and 25 on their family level. The reward enclosed for level 20 family are; 1 Hrin Liquor, 10 Triumph Filler, 10 Mystic Ampule, 10 Soul Crystals, 50 Progressive Health-Fillers, 50 Progressive Soul-Fillers, 1 Ancient Shelter Pass, 1 Field Survival Manual Master(1 day), 1 Combat Manual Expert (1 day), 1 Tactics Manual Expert (1 day), 3 Noble's Court - Knight (permanent back costume), and you are granted a rank of Knight. Then if your family attained 25 family level you can get 3 Noble's Court - Righteous Knight (flag that increases DEF rating by 1 in 30 days) and granted a rank of Righteous Knight.

In my case my family level is at 25 with 3 additional family level due to faction. So first I claim the Knight rank rewards which is level 20 family reward. And lastly I claim the Righteous Knight rewards through the noble officers located in each key cities. So it means if you met the family level 20 and beyond you get the rewards for this Operation "N" event. And its confirmed for example if your family level is 17 then you have additional 3 levels from your faction that will give you a total of level 20 family level, you are entitled to get the family level 20 reward. So pioneers race your family level and earn the rewards as Knights. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

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