Friday, April 17, 2009

Seeing things around GE 4

Okay am sick today and not really feeling well after yesterday's activity. And I hope something would cheer me up after all this ill feeling. But today something sheer my sad dry afternoon because of this!

(My Zephyranthes Costume with Gilded Shaggy wig)

(My very own Frozen Marlin Javelin)

Yup are freaking right! ABS (Adelina Booty Search) just updated their loot table with new items to offer our pioneers. This time it is better with less crap items unlike before. So to tease you more, I just made a roam around the new found world and take pictures of new costumes and items that was acquired through ABS. Ready?

(Nostradamus' Golden School Look Wizard Costume with his Pigling)

(Golden School Look Fighter)

(Clivia Sprite Costume)

(Spirit Cleanthes Costume)

(Magguire's Golden Look Scout, SMITHandWESSON's Golden Look Elementalist and Musketeer)

(Kurokaze's Black Fallen Angel Wing on his Selva)

The ABS loot table was really amazing and I should say a thumbs up to IAH because they eliminated the crap loot that most of the pioneer despised a lot. I hope that the pioneers of the new found world will be hyped to this new change. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

For in-depth info visit the Official SEA Granado Espada site!

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