Monday, November 24, 2008

Name the 3rd Server

After scanning through the suggestive names from our fellow pioneers, I found out that most of them just drop names for them to be luckily pick. And I see the mere fact that aligning a suggestive server name can be applaud if it reflects on its real name as defined by history and the contest is getting "you just post without researching".

When you say baroque, it is not a word that only define a time frame but it gives highlight about the past that gives shape to beauty; architecture, classicism, painting, etc. that contributes history. Am not giving lecture here pioneers but suggesting a good name for a third server and is PK should have a nicer name.

All I can hope is a sincere poster will win this particular contest of naming the 3rd server coming this December. Eventually if the winner comes from a poster who just list down names, I might strongly say that poster does not care to research and I pity those who gives information about their suggestive server name entry.

To all the pioneers good luck on this contest, hope the well deserve win.

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