Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How was everything?

(Takhisis Faction 1 year anniversary as a social faction)

Looking back at May 6, 2008 article entry from my previous faction blog site I began to miss the good old days. The days that we are plainly happy that if we got a colony, its a big accomplishment to us as a faction. But now, i saw my fellow Filipino pioneers who are players and friends in real life fell like dried leaves. By the beard of Lyndon! They are quitting progressively in numbers!

Now these are the things I've realized:
1. As a Filipino player of Granado Espada, it's really hard to compete economic-wise. Why? G-Points at Singapore were sold cheaper and Filipino players must spend twice the price on everything. In short Singapore players have full access on everything. So its really considered are Singapore server and not quoted as Southeast Asia server anymore. So personally I accept that fact.

2. The AR/DR system gives great gap on everything. In short, again spend more so you will augment your equipments along with your characters to keep up.

3. I am happier with a faction that has good people inside rather than being put into the pedastal as a faction but the consequences were worst. And besides inside a big faction is just killing the curiousity of having seeing and getting better equipments but in the end all of these will be good as digital dust.

There will be sudden turn in my personal gaming, I rather to choose to have my gaming life back. I'll keep you posted pioneers.

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Kukubird said...

Hi, this is MPT.
There is a reason why GPs are more expensive in PH.

We sell all GP products in USD. In most times, the local pricing is controlled by the local distributor, in your case, e-Games.

For promotions, we are most willing to help support e-Games in terms of whatever promotion they wish to have. In SG, the promotions are also initiated by the local distributor, including the additional 20% for Singtel users.

I hope you will have a better understanding of why this is happening. That said, I will still try to push for more enticing promotion with e-Games to excite the local GE gamers. Stay tuned.


Fiksdotter said...

Thank you for the information MPT. Fortunately you gave the answer that will kill the speculation of Filipino players starting to quit lately.

We hope for the best.