Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There is something about Cathie

Okay I was mixed up if I'm going to get Idge the Battlesmith or Catherine STR build. The point is both of this RNPC can wield shield and placing them to advantage. Now here is my dilemma, Idge the Battlesmith has quite a good stat and looks cool though Catherine STR build has a decent STR that usually pawns and doesn't require G-Points. But in short I like them both because they are melee in class!

Well because I saw a cheap Cath's Pelvis at the market manager, I've decided to create my Catherine STR. By the way thanks to Reclusion who handed over his decoy account now I was able to create her *evil grin*.


And so at the end of the day I finally made her and named her as Orpah. Pretty neat huh? I don't know I'm starting to like this Catherine STR build from out of senseless reason. I hope she could reach expert too. So pioneers when picking RNPC's, make sure you are happy when creating and putting them into your barracks.

Once again, I'll keep you posted 'til next time pioneers!

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