Sunday, September 7, 2008

GE PH Communty welcomes CM Aethrin

I was really excited that again the blogger and representatives from the GE PH community will meet again before the anticipated 1st year anniversary. And the special thing about this meeting is all about him...


Yes and am talking about our new Community Manager Aethrin. He is also a former CM of another MMORPG and what I've heard the former community he handled remain intact leading them to good place in the game. One more good info about him, he is playing the game with Veteran families in Cervantes.

The talk with CM Aethrin along with the product managers was really productive and I'm sure they also learned many things from us especially certain issues that the PH community suffering from issues that arise; GVC, installers, promotion, and social interaction within in-game players. And most of all we talked about the upcoming 1st GE anniversary so I guess we'll keep you pioneers posted.

From Left: Reclusion, Fiksdotter, Mena, Grantoza, CM Aethrin, NineMoons, Rivendel, Kincaid, Blacksword

Hope you guys join us support the new community manager of GE Philippines along with the PH pioneers of Granado Espada.

Image Source: NineMoons Family


The Arc said...

Really? He plays in Cervantes?

Wonder who he is...

IGN please :p

Fiksdotter said...

Well if he will tell it publicly. ^__^