Thursday, September 25, 2008

When Worlds Collide

Okay this is early than I expected, it is confirmed that there will be a server merge amongst Cervantes, Carracci, Caravaggio, Pachelbel, and Vivaldi. So the pioneers are at panic and attacking related threads in the official forums relentlessly. And now I guess its my turn to point some issues that may arise in this upcoming server merge on October 7, 2008. But I quote the exact announcement from the official Granado Espada website so that you could know what is the content.

"World Migration Family and Faction Transfer Guide
IAHGames is taking cautious interest in making sure the world migration only creates the intended positive benefits.

That said, the process of bringing two or more worlds together does present some potential complications, all of which are detailed below. Please read the document carefully to answer any questions you may have about how your characters will be affected by the migration.

Situation 1: Overlapping Families on the Same Account

If, using the same account, you have created a family on more than one server of the same type (PK or non-PK), only one of your families will be migrated into the new world of that type.

For example: If, using the same account, a player has created a family called ‘Familyone’ on the non-PK server of Carracci, and another family also named ‘Familyone’ on the non-PK server of Pachelbel, only one of those families will exist in the new non-PK world of Rembrandt.

IAHGames internal systems will keep the family with the single highest level character, and the other family will be deleted.

Players holding families on different world types (example: 1 family on PK server, 1 family on non-PK server) will not see their characters affected.

Players are highly encouraged to delete their unused or unwanted families prior to the official migration on 7 October 2008, Tuesday to ease transition.

Situation 2: Overlapping Family Names on the Same Server Type

As family names must be unique to each account on each server, it is inevitable that some family names will overlap after the world migration is applied. In the case of an overlap (two different account holders sharing the same family name), the following will be imposed.

- The family with the single highest level character will retain their original family name.
- The family without the single highest level character will have their family name changed under the following format: ORIGINALNAME_ORIGINALSERVERNAME
o Example: A player has a lower level family named ‘Familyone’ from Carracci that overlaps after the migration. ‘Familyone’ will be automatically re-named ‘Familyone_carracci’ after the migration.
- Each account will be credited one free Family Name Change that can be used at the GE Royal Service on the Official Website.

Situation 3: Overlapping Faction Names
Faction names must also be unique on every server. If Faction names overlap after the migration, the overlap will be handled similarly to an overlapping family name.

- In the event of overlap, the highest level Faction will retain their original faction name.
- The other Faction affected by the overlap will have their Faction automatically renamed under the following format: ORIGINALNAME_ORIGINALSERVERNAME

To-Do List Before World Migration
With world migration just round the corner, here’s a to-do list for all pioneers to ensure a safe and stress-free migration!

10 Days Before World Migration…

1. Delete all unused families residing in the same account.
2. Mercenary and transfer characters to another account if you have more than one family on the same account and you wish to keep those characters
3. Transfer items to another account if you have more than one family on the same account and you wish to retain those items
4. Claim all items stored in Adelina’s Booty Chest on the Adelina Booty Search Website

1-3 Days Before World Migration…

1. Remove all items that are currently on sale and being stored by the Market Manager
2. Take care not to activate any premium items that are time-based. (Combat Manual, Lucifer’s Wing, Ancient Territory Pass etc.)
3. Claim all items being stored in Leonardo Expreso"

Original Source: Granado Espada News

Okay next is the part where RCM Hrin put further details in the official forum thread about the same issue. And here are the details.

"Frequently Asked Questions

1. With the world migration, will there be server lag issues since there are more players in the server now?

Currently, our servers have only been utilizing between 6%-31% of its total capabilities. Lag can be a result of many issues, such as low spec graphic card or CPU, local ISP (Internet Service Provider) re-routing issues etc.

Furthermore, the new servers that we will be migrating to are far more powerful with its new hardware and system upgrades. We conservatively estimate that the utilization of the new servers after the world migration will not be likely to exceed 30% of its total capabilities.

2. What will become of Colony Wars after the World Migration where other powerful factions reside together in the new world?

Colony Wars will only become more challenging. Rivalries and competitions, all of which are vital elements in making each faction better. No longer would a single faction dominate the entire map allowing for a better balance of power and privileges. Factions will also have to stay on their toes and keep up with the others. All these would only mean a heightened energy level and tension within the GE world, making it so much more exciting to play.

3. Will there be a shortage of monsters and raids due to the additional families?

IMC has programmed Granado Espada such that monster spawn rates are directly dependent on the number of families in each map. The system detects the number of families in the map and automatically adjusts the monster spawn rates accordingly. The more families in the map = higher spawn rate.

One of the reasons why we have chosen to do the world migration just before the launch of V2.9 expansion is because the *new expansion for V2.9 has various instanced missions and raids. Instanced missions and raids mean that you will be able to participate in missions and raids that are exclusively to you and your party members, without the interference of external parties – this ensures that having additional families in the New World will not affect the outcome.

*In addition, 3 additional Super Fight maps (3 timings for each map), 3 Cooperative Missions, Secret Tower Raids, Reboldoeux Culverts Raids and new additional PvP maps like Royalist VS Republican Faction Fights which give additional EXP buffs as rewards will be coming out in V2.9 launch which is tentatively scheduled on 16 October 2008, Thursday.

4. What additional benefits are there for World Migration?

a) Improved World (Server) Monitoring
With fewer worlds (servers) to manage, this would free up more time and resources for Game Masters to physically log in and out to check on the different servers. They will also be able to work more closely with players who have provided them with information to perform periodically checks on parties using 3rd party software.

b) ~50% Shorter Maintenance Time

With fewer worlds (servers) to manage, maintenance time is estimated to be shorter by around 50% bar any major patches or ad-hoc events. We believe that this exercise would enable us to have a quicker response to feedback and a more efficient and focused service to our valued gamers.

c) Community Bonding

An online game revolves around its community. The larger the community, the more vibrant and diversified it becomes. This is our aim when we set off to conduct this world migration. We believe that it will do the community good in the long run.

d) Longer Duration & More Frequent In-Game Events

With more resources, we can conduct more fun-filled events and be assured of better attendance. In the past, we often have to conduct in-game events world-by-world. This often means that some worlds would have to wait for their turn. With fewer worlds, we can now hold events that are of longer durations and at a more extensive manner."
Original Source: Official Thread Announcement

Now lets tackle the frequently asked question because at the end of the day the Admins should comfort us with their answers. Though I have some opinions and another question behind those statements.

1. About the server lag issues, I might totally agree on her statement because if your PC specs and ISP provider is an epic fail well I wish a very good luck to you. But I was imagining pioneers pass by you every other minute with Catherine the summoner, do you think you won't lag?

2. Now in the issue of game play for Colony Wars, this one is going to be pretty stiff. Because I understand the gaming gap between old servers and young servers. But still I consider meeting new alliances rather to oppose them. Because Granado Espada is politically motivated as I look into it.

3. In the issue of shortage of monsters and raids well I can see whats going to happend. Okay, they say the number of monsters spawn adjusts depending on the number of families in current map. But can't you see the afk families will be like every other coordinates! As you know guys grinding to expert status is no joke and I could say so! Now about the raids, don't tell me that there will be Raid Boss that adjusts to the number of families. Guys now we are talking of developing your family's equipment. Imagine you are already equipping 3 members of your family, or even more than, then you will have to wait like 12-24 hours for some major raids then get 1 good armor and a bunch of elite 84's! How exciting! Guys, the current situation in my server is worst. Imagine just to snag KOG an alliance should work to outwit a faction, then after the kill ~ no dragon heart (so uber rare find only people who say "no money no talk" gets it)! Now imagine 3 or more big factions merge into one server aiming the head of a simple Hellbreaker (timed raid boss more than 500mins only at channel 1 just to wait), all I can say is tata Hellbreaker you'll die in less than 10 seconds. Please admins more channels and implement worth instance raids.

4. I might agree on the benefits in terms of weekly server maintenance, community bonding, and longer duration of in-game events. Though for a year of playing the game, for crying out loud can't you see the broad of this 3rd Party sites! In addition check out Ustiur Zona Uno "the land of botters" too bad we can't even report them as botters.

In the brighter side of all this, I will just look after the server merge maybe we just prejudice the effect of this turn. But am thinking of the worst scenarios also because if we have individual servers of five but still we encounter problems, what more if we are sinked into two? I hope IAH will ease the pioneers and I hope they listen to them and think about a solution from what the pioneers post in the forums.

So for now pioneers lets think positive about this and plan of what you are going to do once server merge is executed.


Kat said...

What about poor Bahia & Fire Island? Those places are crowded enough as it is! Even with 2 extra channels I don't think those maps would loosen up with AFK botters.

Ge is going to have to keep their promise about sending out GMs through the world or this isn't going to be very smooth.

Fiksdotter said...

Yeah most of the problems like that mostly arise. And we can expect worse. As I quoted most in the official website. I comment on some of the statements.

For now, we hope they could see the potential of adding 2 or more channels.

And I hope IAH or either IMC might think of alternatives to improve proper game play now that we'll be a huge family.