Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The one they call "The Snake"

The cave of Bahamas doesn't stop with KOG or King of Greed in the first floor. After the slay of King of Greed, a way-point will open leading to the 2nd floor of Bahamas Cave and there you'll meet the nemesis of the underground cave.


They way-point am referring to is located in D6 left portion of cave (cave route from marshland) and H7 right portion of cave (cave route from peril).



When you get inside the 2nd level of the cave proceed with caution and take down all the Uraeus' Egg. After destroying the Eggs go at the center of the map which is F7 and meet him.


Uraeus must be defeated 3 times with intervals. Because it will go like this; Kill Uraeus, Uraeus rest, Kill Eggs, Uraeus awakes and kill again, Uraeus rest, Kill Eggs, and so on til you kill him at the third time. And voila it is done for.

Hope you pioneers venture the underground cave and try to check him out. Maybe your squad or faction are lucky enough to take him down. So again good luck pioneers and enjoy another raid.

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