Saturday, September 13, 2008

Carracci's Gate Keeper is Down

At around 15:56-14:00 an act of Valor was announced throughout the server of Carracci when the Gate Keeper falls.


Indeed the faction leader Nostradamus, of Eminence Faction, put end on the rumored Gate Keeper and opened the new route to Tierra Putrafecta and Chaos Requiem. Congratulations to Eminence faction for a job well done.

Though I don't have the chance to see the downfall of Gate Keeper, I choose to move around the place that was hidden in the eyes of pioneers for quite a long time. The following images are taken after the downfall of Gate Keeper.

(Weeee my first step in Tierra Putrafecta~)

(The infamous Bust in Chaos Requiem~)
(Inside Bahama Internia where another exploration awaits~)

There is this warp portal inside the dungeon which puts another mystery on how to get further. But I suspect this is the room for a raid boss shown on Chaos Requiem expansion video. Hope you pioneers out there try to visit it. Again congratulations to Eminence Faction for putting Carracci as the second server who opened Chaos Requiem.

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