Friday, September 19, 2008

Network Blitz


Yesterday and early this morning was one of the horrible day the pioneers got from Granado Espada because there are intermittent connection from the server itself. But alas to the IAH team and the tech team they manage to redeemed themselves from this horrible day and now servers are stable.

And in addittion, the admins are giving away 1 Ancient Territory Pass and 1 Forgotten Territory pass a sign of good will due to this server disconnection. For more info about the new you can VISIT THIS LINK.

And next update, it is confirmed that on the 27th of this month Granado Espada Philippines will be having this 1st year celebration at SM Mall of Asia, SMX convention center in partner with Globe Telecommunications. So pinoy players of Granado Espada please do come and support the event. Without your support, it'll be put down to waste.

So pioneers have a blissful day and I'll keep you posted.

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