Thursday, September 4, 2008

Its not just Novia

Indeed Novia is one of the popular icons in Granado Espada. But I think it'll be more better if we know other resident in this chilling plain of Ice Wizard Tower.


And yes meet another weird looking lizard in robe, his name is Elmorc. You can see him around the vast frozen plain and outskirts of Ice Wizard Tower. Remember this one is also hard to crack; decent defense, decent regeneration rate, and ice elemental damage that surely pioneers will say "ouch" in every AOE cast. It is adviced that you work as a squad if you doubt on your equips and it will be more handy if you have Elementalists using the lightning stances.

Pioneers enjoy meeting this guy and I hope you pawn 'em for experience. Or else Novia might tell you her powerful punch line...


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