Monday, January 14, 2008

Post Philippine On-line Game Summit (POGS)

The Philippine On-line Game Summit was held at Trinoma Mall located at North Edsa. Basically it was a huge display of different on-line game companies and at the same time introducing lots of their on-line game titles. Well Granado Espada won't be left behind.



Around 00:25 I've made it to Trinoma and guess what the Reclusion brothers was there waiting for me at the train station. Then we head on to the registration area and bought some GAME magazine to serve as our entrance.



We walked inside the activity center and looked for the Granado Espada booth. And there I saw familiar faces like Ninemoons, DeSanggria, and of course CM Veya with the IP E-Games gang. We registered for the PVP tournament and then we loiter around the venue. All I can say that it was really great having lots of on-line games around you.


I tried visiting my account and feed my Catherine the summoner for some experience. Fortunately she gained a level after half an hour.


That's not all; our Fantazzztic Film Awards entry was shown at the big screen in front of many players and visitors. We were proud because it shows other things you can do with Granado Espada aside from playing it as a game.


The crowd goes wild as the showdown of Cosplayers takes on stage. Not to mention some good Cosplayers specially the female contestants.



Around 16:15 the PVP tournament started, Mena and I were the first one called and oh yeah Adeptas Fraternas Team of Caravaggio pawned us. At least we have the opportunity to have a duel with them.


The P.O.G.S. was indeed successful and all. So the bloggers have a little tea party, some chats, and move back to our humble abode. Thank you to all Granado Espada players who supported the event along with other on-line gamers.

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