Saturday, January 26, 2008

Post Outcasts Faction EB


Delays really killed me so much especially when the internet service is down followed by my thesis and hospital duties. Oh well, that is how we level grind our real lives. Without further ado this posts Outcasts Faction EB in celebration of Haagendaz's birthday.

outcastseb (4)
(Lots of Chat and eat until you throw up!)

I arrived at around 17:00 and alas am late! I have personal reasons why I'm late but the catch is when once you enter Haagendaz's lair there are lots of Outcasts member around. CM Veya was there in action along with the council of Outcasts laughing their hearts out when DMB slams them with random jokes. And not to mention DeSanggria arrived around half-past 18:00, the Outcasts members forced her to eat the whole coconut pie.

outcastseb (7)
(Filling up some small sheets for draw lots worth 20M vis!)

outcastseb (1)
(Caught ya at dark! Making multiple entries for the Draw lots huh!)

Aside from having a pile of coconut pie is on the house with lots of food to eat, we have a hell of a time and I was really impressed because of them were from distant places. Imagine some of them travel for almost 3 hours the least just to reach our area. And I hope to see them around and more power to Outcasts Faction of Carracci.

outcastseb (5)
(Say "Photon Splash!")

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