Sunday, January 13, 2008

Faction Quest 52: Princess Gabriella

The Takhisis Faction members were summoned 18:00 at Cite Reboldoeux channel 1 in front of the PVP officer. At roughly 19:20 the quest for faction 52 were started with 13 families to take on the quest.

fq52 (1)

I talked to Princess Gabriella the NPC leader of the Royalist alliance to trigger the quest. But before hand there is a small quest to activate this one; first, you should talk to Princess Gabriella and a letter must be delivered to Simon Ayande. Then Simon Ayande will react on the letter by visiting him at Villa De Libertad at Auch City. Then head back to Princess Gabriella and she will ask you to help her out on defeating the Republican alliance.

fq52 (2)

The quest started and we found it rough at first because NPC deals heavy damage from the rifle type mob. As we progress the thirteen families were eliminated from a colony after another colony. We strongly suggest that if you are going to proceed on this quest make sure you have lots of fighter that could tank this massive mob. Because in our case, the Elementalists was the tank and the melee type was the one responsible taking down the colonies.

fq52 (4)


We move to the last colony at the center and a message from an NPC appears saying "We lost... But we'll never give up!" which means we are almost finished. Then after we destroyed the last colony, a small statue fell on the ground and I approached it. And a confirmation window popped out telling me that faction quest 52 is over.

fq52 (5)

We thank the following families who participated in this quest. Yet another Republican faction was born.

Obviar Family
Southernsky Family
christus Family
maharlika Family
Reclusion Family

Takhisis Faction:
Fiksdotter Family
VargasII Family
DirtyPair Family
LavesareZ Family
lizardofamily Family
Puritan Family
EspadasIII Family
Xei Family

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