Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dinner with RCM Hrin Lah!

After a day of rest from the domination event I am up to the next meet. And that is meeting up RCM Hrin with the IAH representatives. I and Behringer rode two transits from my area to Makati City. At around 17:00 I move to PowerBooks located at Ayala Greenbelt to meet Ninemoons, Stiles, Mena, Artaxerxes, and Reclusion. Then at around 18:25 RCM Hrin sent a message that she will catch up and so we should let her know where she could find us. At this point, Mena couldn't make it because he has a scheduled work at 19:00, so he left us and the rest move to Café bola. It was 19:00, and voila RCM Hrin and the IAH representatives appeared. And along with them, we saw other guests like CM Veya, Product Manager Ivee Feria, CM Jason of Audition, and other officials from E-Games.


(CM Veya ignoring me for a photo shoot)


(CM Jason Tomas of Audition for Coca-Cola AD)


(Random photo shot during dinner)


(IAH Representatives, time to fork some balls)


(Product Manager Ivee Feria doing some menu introductions)


(The effect of being stuffed after dinner~ make faces)


(RCM Hrin, Reclusion, CM Veya, Behringer, and Moi after dinner)


(RCM Hrin with me outside Cafe Bola)

We enjoyed every minute with them and it was a privilege in our part. I was really happy about how well things go because am quite nervous to converse with such great people in this industry. I bid the best to all of you guys from IAH and E-Games for giving us your time to be with us. Thanks again and hope to see the IAH representatives next year.

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