Thursday, April 17, 2008

Granado Espada 3.0 3rd Civilization

It is almost a year and we've been a witnessed on how the world of Granado Espada evolves. And it seems that enough time was spent to this MMORPG and the pioneers are ready to embrace the next level of challenge and exploration.

It was month ago when I've read an article from one of our blog-spotted family, Arcleaumont, who gives us a glimpse of sought to be map for version 3.0 "3rd Civilization". Many ideas was raised by the resident of Granado Espada like; Is there a level beyond master? How the colony war works if the map was expanded? Are there any new features for this expansion? And so on.

Well you guys deserve a teaser for version 3.0 "3rd Civilization". I just want to inform you that the expansion title might change depending on the regional developers.


The next video clip is from the legend himself, Hakkyu Kim, giving some information and documentation about the new expansion along with other developers of the game. This video clip has no english subtitle though you may mind only of what you will see.


For now the developments of this new expansion is on progress and we are not sure if the developers has more in their sleeves to surprise the pioneers once they launch the expansion officially. So for now seat back and relax while waiting for this anticipated expansion.

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