Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bahama Map: My first step

After this week's maintenance, I only have one thing on my mind and that is exploring the region of Bahama. And there is no one who can stop me from exploring it except for the monsters so powerful they can own my family.


(Welcome to Bahama Camp where your exploration start)

So how do we get there? For the pioneers who are not well familiar on traveling around I will help you out on how to get there. You should start at Port of Coimbra then make sure you have a ticket that permits you to go at Ustiur Base Camp. Once you get to Ustiur Base Camp, there are series of zones; Zona Uno - Zona Quatro. So as a family to reach Bahama, you should finish the quests incorporated in accessing different zones. Because the last zone which is Zona Quatro lies the entrance to Bahama Camp. Bahama Camp's entrance at Zona Quatro is at coordinates D5. Once you get there, voila enjoy sightseeing through the swamps.


After I had a pose at the Bahama Camp, now I move to the marshland were the residents are quite different in there appearance but fortunately my family can handle them. There are areas on the marsh which are random because there are coordinates that teleports you to another location of the marsh. I've also tried the pioneering memorial in the area, and after killing 150 crabs in this region, it gave me a level 9 pioneering seal and an experience card which gives hundred decimal in your experience without a manual.


(I don't want to imagine how it feels to be soaked in this marsh)


(A weird man with chest on its head and a crab without pincer)

The I tried some other areas in the map like the first level cave of Bahama but the creatures there aren't that easy to kill because most of them possess the AR (Attack Rating)/DR (Defense Rating) of 57 which is really hard to handle. So IAH was really serious about the families who want to explore the other regions must at least reach the Expert Status.


(The cave's hall was really nice to look at but the mobs in there~ I don't think so)

My visit in the Bahama Region was nice after all. Though there are information saying that quests are involve to get new series of weapon and armor. Hope you guys work on your characters to Expert status to enjoy the map itself and the equipments that are in store for you.

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