Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Post E-Games Domination~Dominated!

The E-Games domination event was a complete success though there are slight problem during the opening because players pour down at SMX venue.



Around 11:00 the convention opens and as usual I have to move at the Granado Espada lair. And there I see familiar faces and specially some of my faction mates who I've met for the first time.

There are numerous activities that you can found inside convention, particularly from the booths of different games managed by E-Games; Cabal Online, Supreme Destiny, Dance Battle Audition, O2Jam, and RAN Online.


(War of the Faction Banners!)

This event won't be successful if the factions of different servers lead by Filipino players did not appear. Oh yes and we are talking about Filipino factions here! Factions like; CARNAGE Faction, Vradical Faction, Outcasts Faction, Templars Faction, Takhisis Faction, PH Care Faction, †Pinoy†AllStars† Faction, Aggrressor faction, RunAway Faction, Hellraiders Faction, Elite Faction, Revolution Faction, WarGodz Faction, and Adeptas Fraternas Faction. And am proud to say they're faction leaders are all Filipinos.


(DeSanngria as Idge, Whiteships as Feng Ling, Stormseeker as Bernelli)


(Feng Ling with Pepsi for advertisement)

Another thing that might spice up the ambiance is having Cosplayers around. And we are talking celebrities around here so let your eyes feast on them!


(Pasta Team's Mortreux, Weisswritter, and Fetuccini bagged $600))


(Le Blanc Team's Fiksdotter, iCeZ, and Reclusion bagged $900)


(Bloggers Team's Behringer, Ninemoons, Reclusion with the casts bagged $1200)

One of the highlights of the event was giving appreciation to the fellow Granado Espada players who contribute to the great community. Want more information about the other winners? Visit Ninemoon's entry for more picture and details of other community heroes!


(Upper row from left; Behringer, Fiksdotter, RCM Hrin, Whiteships, Mena, Ninemoons. Lower row from right; Stiles, DeSanggria, Artaxerxes, and Reclusion)

I was really happy about the outcome of the event so undeniably successful! We end the night by meeting the IAH representatives including RCM Hrin for dinner along with Faction leaders, Deputies, CM Veya, Product Manager - Ivee Feria, Sir Taj Deluria, and VP Games Operation - Gary Escobar sharing insights about the game, community concerns, and humors of course.

If you miss this event, you missed half of your life as a Granado Espada player.

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