Monday, December 3, 2007

Granado Espada at Hataw Hanep Hero


Hataw Hanep Hero or H3 as advertising team calls it celebrated this youth event at SMX convention center beside SM Mall of Asia. The event was really huge and I don't know where to stay thus my dedication of staying is for Granado Espada. Most of the booths were display of different IP-interactive and E-Games related games such as; Granado Espada, RAN, Dance Battle Audition, Supreme Destiny, and O2 Jam.
The booth offers free gaming with their respective games and most are pick a price and tournaments that are game related.



(a)Ms Ivee Feria on seminar (b)participants movie making (c)Anne and CM Veya

That's not it; Granado Espada has free gaming session, free game trial, and most of all movie making seminar to those aspiring directors for the coming Fantazzztic Film Awards.


(Outcasts Faction, Reclusion of Destiny, Fiksdotter and Haagendaz of Takhisis)


Eventually I've met the Outcasts Faction of Carracci along with their faction leader Obviar and our team mate in Fantazzztic Film Awards, IceZ. I've had a lot of fun roaming around and not to mention I got snapshots with Cosplayers who caught my attention. After all its up to you guys to name these characters.






The night was really great, I don't even feel any urge to eat because everywhere I go is eye-candy can't get enough to walk around. Special thanks to Darrick of Reclusion and to his friend for loitering around with me during the event. And thanks for all the people who visited the Granado Espada booth. Cheers to all!


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