Saturday, December 29, 2007

Year Ender: Rave or tons of Rants


1. Back in the Nimrod Bridge event there are misconceptions that made most of the player irritated.
2. And again the Naughty and Nice brings more imbalances to the game releasing 100 unique or other notable weapons that would further slow the growth of other players in terms of competitiveness and fair game play. The Naughty and Nice news is again misleading to such participants; creativity persae and such beaten by simple post of "Dear Santa my three wishes are [insert wishes]"
3. The players don't understand the hardships of Vespanola Time Correspondents. Making the reports fled to this sworn duty just because of they love the game thus receiving senseless flame.

I was disappointed with the facts that came to my knowledge. In the case of Carracci server, how would a player feel when he witnessed himself during the Nimrod Bridge Siege high level players can slay Vergo then all of a sudden level 100 weapons just fell on its feet. But the organizers posted that everyone can join.

The Naughty and Nice event was particularly a nice idea though imbalance was perfectly made (refer above FAQ). And another thing that makes most of the players react is due to misleading information again as they quoted "creativity" which was not followed.

Some of the distinguished bloggers is about to lay-off Vespanola Times due to personal reasons. They stress that whining from malicious players doesn't stop them from reporting but through personal reasons why they are forced to quit.

In these series of events, IAH tried their best to involve the Granado Espada community thus they must perceive the consequences of unorganized execution of plans. Don't they recognize the possibility of game imbalances because of giving away items that suppose to be hard-earn. Or maybe they should think of other alternate options to make the events fair to all level brackets. And even they should be thinking the difference of creativity to those players who has no effort at all then receiving more than a well-deserve player must have.
IAH we should be driving players in, not driving them out.

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