Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007! Heya 2008!

Considerably, 30th of December is the last Colony Wars for this year 2007. And I was happy we were able to participate in. though we are not fortunate enough to occupy any colony because there is only three of us online. Our alliances found it strange declaring against 5 factions; Hellsing Faction, AkatsukiTM Faction, CarpeDiem Faction, HuntOrHunted Faction, and HrinFanClub Faction. Most especially thanks to HuntOrHunted Faction for entertaining our declaration and it was really fun chasing with them around.


(In our rage we kick the NPC guard. Show him some love bug)

Before the end of the year, there are special memories that our faction shared. We've been a witnessed to some bug, like the poison yard. Too bad for the NPC guard we kick him to rage. And we have experienced colony wars even though we are no match to distinguished factions. It was also our joy having the first white baron RNPC in Carracci server and was in our faction's disposal. And lastly, the players we've met along the way who was always there with us.

(My member Xei Family presenting Eduardo with it's Grim Ripper)

This year many events happened to the community. We share the laughter and rants thus most of us support Granado Espada all the way. In behalf of Takhisis Faction, Philippine GE Bloggers, and Granado Espada SEA community we like to say "have a wonderful new year!" hope to see you guys around.


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